It’s all begins with a dot


I actually don’t know what’s the name of this kind of drawing, so let me just called it Batik pattern (because I get inspired by Batik pattern). I like drawing since primary school when at that time I could fill my workbook with drawing instead of class’ material. Many of my friend say that pattern looks so hard to make and yet make them give up without trying. So, today I want to make sure that you can make pattern as easy as I do.

Here are the steps :

1. Make a small dot. It’s up to you where you want to start , it can be in the center or corner
gambar 2
2. Make four small petals and draw stripes
3. Make the stripes black and white. Then draw line between the petals and attach them to the petals
4. Make a bigger petals
5. Make this “goldfish pattern” on the left and right petals and start making rope pattern on the other petals
6. Fill the above and below petals with pattern like above. Then make pointed petals like picture above
7. Fill the pointed petals with leaf pattern but just half of it. It is easier to make middle line , after that you can start drawing the leaf pattern
8. Make this curly pattern, use your imagination and surround the flower with these curly pattern
9.   Make a circle-shaped curly pattern and have fun ( p.s : you don’t need to the similarity with left, right, top and down curly pattern , just have fun! )
10. Finally, make lot of dots!

If you are following me from the first step, then congratulation you have made a Batik pattern. I want you to make your own design pattern. Let your imagination flows and have fun! If you want to share yours, you can e-mail me :

p.s : Can’t wait to see your patterns guys 🙂